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Started in 1962 by Mr. C.B Khemka, as a grease manufacturing unit in Ranchi, Pensol back then had the status of a cottage industry. It manufactured just one product - Monoutility Grease. Such was the popularity of the product, that within a decade, the company grew in size and status. It formally registered itself as Pensol Oil Company in 1972. With this steady growth, a new manufacturing unit came into operation in Namkum (Jharkhand) in 1975.

Products/Services : Automotive Oils, Automotive Greases


TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD is an esteemed Japanese company that provides a comprehensive range of lubrication products for commercial and consumer applications. With its preeminent authority on lubricant production and distribution, TOTACHI is widely regarded for its tradition of excellence and unmatched quality standards- a feat that has earned the enduring trust of notable partners worldwide. TOTACHI has established a strong foothold in South-East Asia lubricants market, with an extensive network in over 20 countries such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Products/Services : Engine Oils, Heavy-Duty Engine Oils, ATF & CVT Fluids and Gear Oils

Qingdao Pipeking Machinery Co.Ltd |

We are the best supplier and manufacture with quality service of valves, flanges and fittings in Qingdao, China. We can supply cast iron/cast steel/stainless steel valves and flanges, pipe fittings according to the main international standards like ISO, CEN, AWWA, DIN,NF,BS, etc, in the application of irrigation, waterworks, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, and so on.
Products/Services : valves,pumps,flanges,fittings

Shanghai Sewing Bluesky Co.,Ltd |

Shanghai Sewing Bluesky Co.,Ltd established 2013 is engaged in sewing accessories such us nursing bra clasps/clips,hook and eye,Bow Tie Buckle,Tie Bow Clips,Fabric Covered Hooks Eyes,Cotton Hook and Eye loop Tape and so on.

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Products/Services : bow tie hardware

YASN internation Exhibition |

YASN International boasts more than ten years of experience in events IN DOMESTIC .
We are organizer for auto electronic ,accessories ,tuning&Car Care and so on in automobile aftermarket industry
Through joint efforts, YASN has been officially accepted by the UFI as a member in 2011, and its flagship event, the CIAACE, has also been granted status as the only "UFI approved Event" within the industry.
YASN internation Exhibition
Products/Services : Organizer for auto electronic,car care,accessoies&tuning for automotive aftermarket industry

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