Construction of Sierra Leone’s Mamamah Airport to start December

The construction of a long awaited Leone’s Mamamah Airport is now set to kick off in December Chinese Ambassador Zhao Yanbo has said.

Speaking during his country‘s 67th Independence celebration at the Embassy last week Zhao said that the current good working relationship with the county will continue despite the fact that he is going out now.

According to the outgoing Ambassador the project is much more awaited by the local residents and they will ensure that the projects starts on time and gets completed on time as per the local governments request.

He said his government has done everything and they will start the construction in December and in the next three years it will be operational.

“We have in the past held various talk over the project but am now confident that it will pick up in the set time frame” he added.

Ambassador Zhao said even though he will not be around when the project will be commissioned by President Koroma, he is very happy that before leaving he has done everything possible for it to come to fruition, which he said makes him very happy.

The current Airports at Sierra Leone doesn’t give serve the country’s continuous growth and above all its anger to create more jobs and above all spearhead the country’s economic growth.

Mamamah Airport is going to be built inland and from the capital to the airport will be less than one hour drive which makes it very accessible to all and at all times.

He said the Mamamah Airport project is the Dream of the president and as long as it is a project that will enhance economic growth in the country, China will not relent but will do it even though there has been lots of hue and cry from the West.